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FieldClimate Platform

Access the data collected by your iMETOS® system from anywhere at anytime

Agro-Meteorological Data Management in the Cloud

SINCE 2005

FieldClimate was born in 2005 as the first ever web platform for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data of tens of thousands of weather stations installed all over the world.

FieldClimate New Generation

• Renewed user interface with a widgets structured dashboard, will make FieldClimate more user-friendly and versatile.
• New database structure will make it faster and more flexible.
• Innovative design and improved visualization of data in graphs and tables.
• All the applications and services of the PI holistic solution for smart agriculture are fully integrated.


In the desire to enrich the user experience and bring the field, and everything that is happening on it, even closer to the iMETOS user, Pessl Instruments developed a new version of FieldClimate for mobile phones. Since January 2020 it is available for both iOS and ANDROID operating system.

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Enhanced Remote Field Monitoring for a Modern-Day Farmer

Farmview combines existing iMETOS® hardware and software and satellite data for better decision making.

  • Satellite imaging for next level work planning
  • Crop zone view for improved field management
  • Smart irrigation management with Irrimet

Product features

The Basics Remain Unchanged




Access to plant disease models requires seasonal license


Access to weather forecast (hourly, 3-day, 7-day forecasts and more) requires annual license


API integrations are available


Mobile access to all data and push notification on iOS and Android devices






FarmView Satellite

Overview of all sensor dataYesYesYes
Device management – Sensor data and settingsYesYesYes
Soil moisture module with plant available water (PAW) indicationYesYesYes
Water balance (in mm)NoYesYes
CropZone-based visualizationNoYesYes
CropZone management pageNoYesYes
Cultivation period and plant specific setupNoYesYes
Soil moisture SUM widgetNoYesYes
Irrigation planning calendarNoYesYes
Irrimet moduleNoYesYes
Sentinel-2 satellite CropZone imageryNoNoYes
Biomass LAI charts for cloud-free historic satellite imagery for your fieldsNoNoYes
Fast access to full history of LAI CropZone mapsNoNoYes

*Yes/No – supported features



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The quickest way to predict the yield of your crop right on the spot


The quickest way to predict the yield of your crop right on the spot

Yield calculation SolGrader calculates based on the crop size distribution

Comprehensive data report Tailor-made reports give you all kind of insights into the collected data


Constant update For Android 5.0 up and Apple IOS 10.0 up


Understanding how your crop is developing is essential in various aspects – from the obvious, estimating the profit, to broader such as food security. SolGrader is an indispensable piece of equipment used for:

  • Understanding your yield and quality
  • Delivery estimates: yield estimation during the year is especially important for knowing if you will be able to deliver enough to the contractor.
  • Insurance purposes
  • Planning how much space in storage you’ll need
  • Learning on which part of your field crops grow best
  • Estimating the effects of your cultivation practices (and understanding how to adapt them if needed)


The SolGrader app allows users to take photos of crops in the field and calculates the estimated yield of their crops and their size on the spot.
The app will calculate the total yield of your crop lot easier and more precise. By means of a crop, the length, width, and measured weight per crop are calculated. Based on the entered data of the field, the expected yield is given. The photo must be made on a special blue mat with a red square and an app with a simple overview of all your crop lots with the calculated sizes and yield.
The SolGrader app allows you to take photos of potato-like shaped vegetables and fruits (onions, beetroots, apples, avocado, …). It calculates the estimated yield of the crops and their size – without needing to move the crop from the field to another location.
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