Products and equipment

Products and Equipment

Carefully picked AgTech products which will provide you with information which you can then turn into profit!


Professional weather stations

Holistic solutions for crop production

Alarms for pests and diseases


All types of sensors to monitor temperature, precipitation, light, wind, leaf, soil and many more parameters.


Drones for crop analysis

& Drones for precision farming and crop protection

Drone categories:


Solutions for video surveillance and process tracking


IT equipment

All of the equipment that you need for your office or in filed work, from desktop computers to laptops and tablets.

Product categories:

Water management

Different equipment and sensors for water management

Turn key solutions

Electric valves


Insect monitoring

All inhabitants of your field under full control – using state of the art optical camera system supported with artificial intelligence software

Product categories:

Mobile Lab

Simple and innovative soil macro-nutrients analyzer based on capillary electrophoresis

Product categories:

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment terms do you offer?

We prefer advance payment, but different options are available depending on the size of the project and customer needs.

Which payment options do you offer?

We accept credit cards and bank account payments.

Standard warranty

Standard warranty for any type of equipment is 12 months, but additional warranty or maintenance services can be purchased.

Do you offer education or training for the equipment you sell?

Yes if we agree to do so, but we first need to determine scope, duration and some other parameters based on which we can estimate training/education costs.

All of our products have full documentation which is delivered with the purchased product as well.