About us

About us

Agrigentum & Digital Agro

About our company and Digital Agro

Agrigentum LTD is a privately held company, founded in year 2012, and has been involved since in a couple of business verticals such as Agriculture, Food production and Information Technology.

Company Information:

HQ: Trupinjak 7, HR-47242 Krnjak
Office Zagreb: Biokovska ulica 68, HR-10000 Zagreb

VAT: HR 34762579469
IBAN: HR3224840081107453235

Digital Agro is a business unit of a company Agrigentum LTD, which was created as a result of EU funded project from rural development.

In Croatia, Karlovac County, where the headquarters of company Agrigentum is located, we cultivate 3.27 ha of agricultural land, of which 0.22 hectares are meadows and permanent pastures, 1 hectare are nuts and the largest share of production of 2.18 ha falls off to berries. What we have learned through our own primary production and application of advanced technological solutions, we decided to offer through Digital Agro.


We empower Farmers & Agri-Food companies with intelligent Technology Solutions & Business Services, and we do it by:

Reselling hardware and software solutions:

  • Weatherstations
  • Sensors
  • IT equipment
  • Drones
  • Scales
  • Water management Solutions
  • Software

Providing agricultural services:

  • Crop analysis
  • Crop protection 
  • Vendor monitoring
  • Inspection of large areas

Providing business services:

  • Business process analysis services
  • Implementation and monitoring of digitization and transformation projects (tender documentation preparation, comparison and evaluation of suppliers, KPI management, stakeholder coordination, etc…)
  • Evaluation and testing of potential solutions – proof of concept
  • Hands on testing and real-life application of different AgTech Solutions HW + SW
  • Implementation of AgTech solutions (HW + SW)
  • Consulting services related to integration of different systems into one integrated system


Our goal is to enable sustainable growth, development and profitability for each Customer through usage of modern AgTech Solutions and to be recognised as Trused AgTech partner  – Your Partner for Smart Agriculture!

Why work with us?


Tailor-made solutions based on the needs of your farm. Our team is available for you every day within the project duration and afterwards as well. Communication and teamwork is our number one priority.


c10+ years of international experience with modern technological solutions in agriculture and food production value chain.


Our references and the experiences of our clients speak for us. Quality is what we offer and what we stand for. A standard we do not abandon.

Our team

We are proficient at what we do, dedicated, passionate and hardworking. If you have a problem with AgTech Solutions or Agriculture, let's talk about that! We'd love to hear from you.

Igor Frljuzec

CEO & Owner

Empowering Farmers and other Agri-Food Value Chain Companies with intelligent Technology Solutions and Business Services

Maria Curiš


Identification and protection of plants
Identification and suppression of harmful organisms
Integrated Plant Protection (IPP)
Integrated plant production
Organic farming
Data collection and processing
Authorized consultant for the sustainable use of pesticides

Tin Batur

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Certified & registered Drone Pilot
Multispectral analysis specialist
VRA prescription maps specialist

IoT and drones specialist


Doroteja Drzaic

GIS & Precision Specialist

Certified & registered Drone Pilot
Multispectral analysis specialist
VRA prescription maps specialist

Jurica Knego

External consultant for GIS
Certified drone pilot
Drone mapping
Collection, storage, processing, analysis and visualization of (spatial) data
Spatial and urban planner
Teacher of geodesic group of subjects in high school

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